Funding Morality

Funding Moral Values In A Secular World

The word “morality” is derived from the Latin word “moralitas” ("manner, character, proper behavior") and describes the principles which govern our behavior. Morality distinguishes between actions determined to be unethical and those found to be ethically proper according to a particular body of standards or principles (in this case the covenant, applicable to all humans, made by G-d with Noah after the flood.)
Funding Morality is a mission of the Jewish Institute for Global Awareness (JIFGA) and we seek to support those who have suffered due to their adherence to the code of values of the Abrahamic faiths (sometimes referred to as a Judeo-Christian world-view). In addition, we permit appeals for specific projects that are consistent with foundation Biblical values. Those featured chose actions inconsistent with today’s “political correctness” and therefore need your help.

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