The devastation of these fires can be seen in the following CNN video.

We are asking for $5000 to replace some of the material goods lost by Joe and his family in the wildfires in Redwood, California, during the week of October 9, 2017. Please help.

Here is Joseph’s story

in his own words:

" Saturday night a wild fire broke out. Because my father is in a wheel chair, we had to call an ambulance for him. They never got there.
But while we were waiting, two fireman showed up, told us we had to leave – they picked my dad up (with his broken arm) did the best they could and put him in the cargo area of their SUV.
We drove down the 4 mile road – but it was blocked and we could not get out. There was a line of about 20 cars filled with people trying to leave.
One fire engine was able to get through to us.
A few of us decided to turn around as the fire was burning up the mountain towards us. There was a large clearing about ½ mile back – by then, a helicopter had landed there.
I thought they could fly my dad out, but, by the time I reached them, they were already taking an older woman and two children. The helicopter can take three people at a time.
Then another helicopter landed, but when the firefighters arrived, they said they would first have to secure my dad to a gurney before they could transport him, so he would go on the next flight – they had room for three – so my mom, my friend, and another guy went – if I was going to die, I wanted to stay and die with my dad - the same man I never got along with, the same man I always felt alienated from - the same man I blamed for much of what went wrong in my life - including my own homosexuality - at that moment, if I was going to live or die, and would rather die with this man (who prayed me out of my once hellish life) than survive another day knowing I left him.
A few seconds later, a firefighter said the road was open again. So, an incredibly brave fighter named Zack – who had been working on securing my dad for transport, got in the back of our SUV and stayed with him – and we drove away.
As I turned the corner to start heading down the mountain – every house in front of me was burning. We drove through flames, embers, and smoke. I would have turned around, but Zack kept reassuring me and told me to drive on. If he had not been with us – and if I had tried to turn around – we surely would have been burned alive.
Thank God for him. We made it through.
We met some vineyard workers who drove out through our property – the only thing left was the chapel my a dad had built that was situated between my parents’ house and the little house I lived in."

Won't you please help Joseph in recovering from this very difficult circumstance


Joseph returns home and finds the miracle of their family chapel still standing.​